April 27, 2016
On January 1, 1538, Martin Luther wrote of the German city of Leipzig: "Leipzig is so immersed in greed that forty-five florins are taken annually from every one hundred florins under the pretense of piety. For it is deemed charity to lend a person one hundred florins and justice to take forty-five florins from them."

First Century Moments

April 20, 2016
Stephen J. Nichols: Today on 5 Minutes in Church History, we have our friend Dr. Guy Waters back with us again. Dr. Waters, welcome. Guy Waters: Thank you, Dr. Nichols. SN: Dr. Waters is professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Miss. He's written a number of wonderful books and, as a New Testament

History Makers: Lordship Controversy with John MacArthur

April 13, 2016
Stephen J. Nichols: Today on 5 Minutes in Church History, we are talking to a history maker. It's our pleasure and privilege to have back with us Dr. John MacArthur. It was a few decades ago that Dr. MacArthur published his book The Gospel According to Jesus. This book spawned what is known as the Lordship

Deborah Hatheway

April 6, 2016
A young girl named Deborah Hatheway once wrote a letter to the great preacher Jonathan Edwards. Deborah was not a member of Edwards' congregation in Northampton, Mass.; she was from Suffield, Conn. But her church in Suffield had no pastor. The evangelist George Whitefield had been through there to preach, and even Edwards had preached
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