Deserted Island Top 5: Derek Thomas

August 27, 2014
Stephen J. Nichols: It's time for another installment of our deserted island series, and on this episode we are joined by Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas. Dr. Thomas is the senior minister at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, S.C., and the Robert Strong Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. He

Read Any Good Books Lately?

August 20, 2014
In 2 Timothy 4:13, Paul writes: "When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments." We essentially have the voicing of the needs of a tired, old man. The evenings are growing chillier and he needs his cloak, and for once in his

Anniversary Week: 1923

August 15, 2014
For our final top-five moment in church history, we will be looking at the year 1923. That year was a very crucial year, especially in the American church, but I think also for the church at large. In this year, the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy came to a head. The controversy was a dispute in the Presbyterian church

Anniversary Week: 1740

August 14, 2014
For our fourth top-five moment in church history, we're moving ahead, a bit closer to the modern age. The date for today is 1740. This date is significant in that it marks what historians call the "Great Awakening." The Great Awakening was a sweeping revival, and is sometimes seen as limited to New England, but
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