The Sermon at the Treaty

September 2, 2015
On August 16, 1751, Jonathan Edwards was invited to give a sermon on a special occasion. It was the signing of a treaty between the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans and the colony of Massachusetts. All of the were governors there, members of the Massachusetts Assembly were there, and a number of ministers were there,

Robinson Crusoe’s Conversion

August 26, 2015
Shipwrecked, a castaway, menaced by cannibals and pirates. This is the story of Robinson Crusoe, the consummate adventure story. The book was written by Daniel Defoe and published in 1719. First, a little bit about Daniel Defoe. He's buried in Bunhill Fields, which is a cemetery in London for Puritans. It is the Nonconformist cemetery. Actually,

The Catacombs

August 19, 2015
Under the city of Rome lies a vast system of catacombs. The ancient Romans built these catacombs because they simply didn't like death—they feared it and didn't want to think about it. They wanted to push death out onto the margins, even out of sight, so they buried their dead underground. These catacombs play an interesting

Pliny the Younger

August 12, 2015
Plinius Secundus—that's his Latin name. In English, we can simply call him Pliny the Younger. We call him Pliny the Younger to distinguish him from Pliny the Elder, who was not his father, but his uncle. Both of them were near Mount Vesuvius when it erupted; Pliny the Elder was killed, but Pliny the Younger
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