5 Firsts in British History

July 1, 2015
Christianity has a long history in the British Isles. Here, we're going to take a look at five firsts in British church history. The first is the first martyr, a figure known as St. Alban. He is believed to have lived in the third or fourth century, but we know very little about him. In fact,

White Clay Creek, Delaware

June 24, 2015
There are figures in church history to whom you find yourself coming back again and again. One of those figures is George Whitefield. This time, we find him in White Clay Creek, Del. Delaware was one of the thirteen colonies, and a very small one, not having nearly the prominence of Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Massachusetts. There

Peter Martyr Vermigli

June 17, 2015
Peter Martyr Vermigli is a figure we don't often hear a lot about, but he was a significant figure in the Reformation. He was born in 1499 in Florence, Italy, as Piero Mariano. When he became an Augustinian monk he took the name Peter Martyr in honor of the medieval figure of that name. Before he

Deserted Island Top 5: Sinclair Ferguson

June 10, 2015
Stephen Nichols: Today, we return to our deserted island. Our special guest is Dr. Sinclair Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson, welcome. Sinclair Ferguson: Thank you very much. Glad to be here. SN: It's nice to have you. Dr. Ferguson and I met years ago. He was one of my seminary professors at Westminster Theological Seminary. He is a Ligonier
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