Fanny Crosby

September 30, 2015
The Crosby family arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635. A few centuries and many generations later, John and Mercy Crosby welcomed their first child, Francis Jane Crosby. The year was 1820. Fanny Crosby went on to be the most prolific hymn writer to have ever lived. By the time she was done, she

Caesarea Maritima

September 23, 2015
Caesarea Maritima is a city rich in history—biblical history and church history. Today it is a national park in Israel, but previously it was one of the most important cities in Judea. Herod the Great built his palace there, and in A.D. 6 it became the administrative capital for the Roman governors of Judea. Of


September 16, 2015
Jerome was a significant figure in the early church. He was born in 347 and he died in 420. He is best known for what we call the Vulgate, which is the most important Latin translation of the Bible. From the year 400 all the way through to the time of the Reformation, more than

Stockbridge Statements of Faith

September 9, 2015
The church record at First Church of Northampton in Massachusetts has a simple but very fascinating sentence dated June 22, 1750. The church record declares, "The reverend Jonathan Edwards, dismissed." Here's Jonathan Edwards, likely the most popular minister in Colonial America—and yet, he gets dismissed from his church. What happened? Well, it's a fascinating story,
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