Five Point Deliverance, Part 1

April 16, 2014
In this episode, we’re going to be looking at a document called the Five Point Deliverance. Now, if you know Calvinism, you know that Calvinists like their five points. Well this isn’t exactly that. The Five Point Deliverance comes out of the Fundamentalist-modernist controversy at the beginning of the twentieth century. Now to set the stage

Deserted Island Top 5: W. Robert Godfrey

April 9, 2014
Welcome back to another episode of 5 Minutes in Church History. On this episode, we’re going to be continuing our journey to our deserted island. We have a very special  guest this week. We have Dr. W. Robert Godfrey. Dr. Godfrey is the president of Westminster Seminary California and also a teaching fellow at Ligonier

Machen and Mountains

April 2, 2014
“I do love the mountains, and I have loved them ever since I can remember anything at all.” That quote comes to us from J. Gresham Machen. Machen was born in 1881 and he died on January 1, 1937. And Machen left behind for us a great legacy. He left behind the legacy of a

The God of Abraham Praise

March 26, 2014
He was orphaned at age 4. After getting bounced from relative to relative for years, he was eventually apprenticed to a shoemaker. The shoemaker was a god-fearing man, but this young apprentice, he would have none of it. And eventually this young man lost his way. As the decade of the 1740’s was coming to a
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