Deserted Island Top 5: Tim Challies

September 28, 2016
Stephen Nichols: We are returning to our deserted island, and this time we are going to send a Canadian. We have Tim Challies with us. Tim, welcome. Tim Challies: Thank you. SN: Tim is a very popular blogger, he is an author, and he is also a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto. So—this is every

Calvin on Civil Government

September 21, 2016
Let's return to our good friend [John] Calvin and see what he had to say about civil government. The fact is, he had a lot to say. In fact, Calvin ends his magnum opus, the Institutes of the Christian Religion, with a discussion of civil government. In book four, chapter twenty, the very last chapter

Clement, Again

September 14, 2016
Let's go back and spend a little bit more time with Clement of Rome. His is known for his Epistle to the Corinthians, or 1 Clement. One of the things that's fascinating to me about this letter from Clement is that it was likely written right at the time the Apostle John was writing the


September 7, 2016
When you want to talk about Clement, the question is, which Clement? There were a number of Clements in the early church. The Clement we want to talk about is the first one, and he goes all the way back to the first century. This is Clement of Rome. Clement was bishop of Rome from 88
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