April 22, 2015
There is perhaps no city more charming than Canterbury, England. The ancient cathedral city has played a prominent role in church history. So let’s go on a field trip to Canterbury. When the Romans arrived in the middle of the first century AD, they found an already thriving village. They set about doing what the Romans

The Pastor in the River

April 15, 2015
Thomas Reid is known to history as a philosopher, the founder of the school of thought known as Scottish Common Sense Realism. But he was also a pastor, one whom we might call "the pastor in the river." We'll get to that in a bit. Reid's life spanned nearly the entire eighteenth century; he was born

Here’s to the Middle Stanzas

April 8, 2015
It's the first lines of hymns that we tend to remember. In fact, many hymns are simply titled by their first line. The first lines are usually so majestic—they catch us; they lift us up; they bring us right into that spirit of worship and acknowledgment of who God is. And then, of course, a

On & Off the Track: Eric Liddell

April 1, 2015
Eric Liddell was an early Olympic star, known as "the Flying Scotsman." He is famous for his feats on the track at the 1924 Paris Olympics. But he also lived an interesting life off the track. Though he was Scottish, Liddell was actually born in China in 1902, and he would die there in 1945. His
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