Topic: Reformation

Philip Melanchthon

April 26, 2017
Philip Melanchthon is, after Martin Luther, likely the most prominent resident of Wittenberg, Germany. “Master Philip,” as Luther called him, was born on February 15, 1497. He came of age educationally just after Martin Luther did, but in many ways, Melanchthon’s education was very different from Luther’s. Luther was

17th Century Theological Poets

April 5, 2017
The seventeenth century was a kind of golden age for theological poets. Fascinating that we had a number of very significant poets and they all seem clustered in this century. Of course, this century was kicked off for us by none other than Shakespeare. But that’s just the beginning

John Knox’s Bible

March 29, 2017
An article written by a librarian at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and published on the library’s website attracted worldwide attention in 2016. That probably doesn’t happen very often. The article, published on September 21, 2016, was about a Hebrew Bible, one with the original Hebrew on one

Three British Martyrs: Chaplain Bradford

March 8, 2017
Our study of the three British martyrs concludes with a look at Chaplain Bradford. John Bradford was born in Manchester, England, around 1510. He was headed for a career as a clerk and he did very well. In fact, he served as a clerk for Henry VIII and also
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