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Augustine’s Handbook for Life

January 18, 2017
Augustine of Hippo wrote many books, including his Confessions and City of God. One of his somewhat lesser-known works is a book from the year 420 called the Enchiridion. Augustine was around sixty-six years old at the time he wrote it, and he had been a Christian for thirty-five years. The Enchiridion is a short

Augustine on the Psalms

November 23, 2016
Augustine's Explanations of the Psalms has been called "Augustine's longest and at the same time the least read of Augustine's works." It is a long book—more than twice as long as The City of God, and recently published as a five-volume set—and it was also a long time in writing. Augustine first worked on it

The Three Cappadocians

October 19, 2016
Who were the Cappadocian Fathers? Cappadocia is in Turkey, and the three Cappadocians were early Greek church fathers. Two of them were brothers, and all three of them were friends. The first was Basil of Caesarea. He was born in 330 and he lived to 379. And then we have his brother, Gregory of Nyssa. He

Clement, Again

September 14, 2016
Let's go back and spend a little bit more time with Clement of Rome. His is known for his Epistle to the Corinthians, or 1 Clement. One of the things that's fascinating to me about this letter from Clement is that it was likely written right at the time the Apostle John was writing the
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